Dropout Detective – Instructor View Now Available

September 10th, 2014

We are very excited to announce an Instructor View of Dropout Detective™ is now available!

If you are an existing user and wish to enable this feature, please contact support@aspiredu.com and we will be happy to enable this highly anticipated feature!

If you do not have a current relationship with AspirEDU and would like to learn more about Dropout Detective, please reach out to us at info@aspiredu.com or call us at 774-473-8246. We look forward to hearing from you!


Our Administrator View provides you with a unique advantage – identifying at-risk students by analyzing their performance across ALL courses in which they are enrolled. The risk index score in the Administrator View is indicative of a student’s risk level across all courses in which the student is currently enrolled.

Our Instructor View provides a single-course version of our dashboard, accessible through a link in the course that is only viewable by the instructor and administrators (i.e. students cannot see the link). The instructor view displays only the students in that course. When the instructor clicks on a student’s name, only the information about that course is displayed. The risk score is representative of the student’s current risk level in that individual course so that instructors can easily prioritize their outreach to students.

Both views give school personnel the ability to document and share communication with students using the Call Notes feature. Documentation entered in Call Notes is viewable by all users.


Instructor View must be enabled by an administrator. Upon request, you will be provided with the information to turn on this feature in the Apps Center in the administrator settings in Canvas. This is a quick and easy process that will take less than five minutes. The Instructor View will be viewable by instructors immediately following this feature being enabled. Therefore, it is suggested that you inform and educate your faculty on the use of this feature prior to enabling it.

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