Identify Your At-Risk Students

Automatically. Accurately. Every Day.

Grade Guardian™ for K12

See all classes and all grades for each student on one page, get personalized dashboards of students for sports coaches & other users, and share notes on students.

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Instructor Insight™

Identify your best instructors and those who would benefit from coaching. Use real-time data to perform your periodic instructor evaluations.

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How AspirEDU Helps

AspirEDU was founded by educators who needed solutions. We realized that schools have a great deal of data in the LMS that can be mined to build those solutions. So our products help schools follow the digital trail of breadcrumbs left by students and teachers every day.

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Our Solutions

  • Identifies at-risk students every day based on grades and engagement
  • Publishes an easy-to-use dashboard with red, yellow, green risk ratings
  • Sends automated text and email messages to students based on LMS data
  • Provides a place for advisors and instructors to note student contact
Dropout Detective™
  • Allows administrators to see the behaviors of top instructors
  • Reviews timeliness of grading, engagement in courses & other indicators
  • Provides all of the data necessary for instructor evaluations
  • Summarizes the percentage of high-risk students in each course
Instructor Insight™

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